How it all began

Insyplusyou journey began in 2017, when the Mummy behind it wanted to find a practical and affordable goodie bag for her daughter’s birthday. As she tried to sell off additional quantities, she quickly realized that she is not the only one.

Then it started, the search for other goodie bag products that are just as attractive, practical and budget friendly. In 2017, we began with one simple product – the coin banks – and then there was a request for a tag/card on the coin bank – and then there was a request for sweets and snacks in it. Then there were request for whiteboards and crayons and toothbrushes! And so no, the Mummy is not all creative. Her wonderful customers are. Every product listed is a goodie bag item that the Mummy is proud to have, proud to give and proud to receive for her children. Now, Insyplusyou has more than 60 variety of products and goodie bag sets. With trust and constant support from customers, family and friends, Insyplusyou hopes to continue to grow and strive in this humble business of ours.

Passion for Happy Kids

Insyplusyou specializes in goodie bags for children. Our passion to make each child feel special motivates us to provide customization and personalization services at minimal cost.

Product diversity

Goodie bags used to be filled with lots of.....GOODIES! But why limit to only that? Insyplusyou aims to provide a selection of products that would appeal to you as educational, interactive and practical for your little ones and their friends.

Affordable pricing

Sometimes, it is about the little things. While we go out of our way to seek for a variety of products, we also prioritize on maintaining it to be pocket friendly for our fellow Mummies and Daddies (and Teachers too!).