My journey with Thermomix

Hello! My name is Nurul and I am a Thermomix user and advisor. We call him Theo! It has been an exciting journey! You can find us on Instagram: insyxtheo. Let me share more on why I love Thermomix and on how you could own one too! Advisor Name: Nurul Adawiyah Advisor ID: 2512 #insyXtheo

The variety of food we have on the table now

From a person who is not adventurous in terms of food cooking, to someone who is able to whip a variety of dishes - IN A DAY! From Malay staples, to Pizzas and Bread, to Chinese and Western cuisines.

Can't wait to try more! Husband and kids are excited with me!

The ease of cleaning up

As most of the cooking and kneading, and blending and what nots are done in one mixing bowl, the cleaning up is also contain to one mixing bowl. We also don't have to worry about oil splashes!

Thermomix is also able to SELF-CLEAN! All other utensils are dishwasher friendly too!

Able to multi-task more efficiently

While Thermomix does the cooking for me, I can continue to clean other parts of the kitchen, or wash up, or continue doing your orders, or entertain my children, or etc etc etc.

I don't have to stir every now and then, or check on it so frequently. Done right, Thermomix takes care of it.


It conveniently eliminates multiple appliances into 1! I no longer need my scale, blender, kitchen mixer or steamer.

These are the functions a Thermomix can do! – Weighing – Mixing – Chopping – Grinding – Kneading – Blending – Steaming – Cooking – Whipping – Controlled heating – Stirring and – Emulsifying – Warming up – Boiling Eggs – Cooking Rice – Thickening

Shortens cooking time

Cooking 2-3 dishes in a day is not something I would do usually (even when I'm home almost everyday). But with Thermomix, it becomes so easy to do so!

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Cookidoo is the official Thermomix recipe platform and it has over 80,000 cooking recipes! You will be guided step-by-step on the ingredients, cooking steps, and even the aftermath.

In some recipes, it even comes with videos on how to create the dish! Now, you can even save your own recipe in Cookidoo! What's not to love!😍

Savings on food delivery services

Ever since we have a Thermomix in-house, our usage of food delivery services (such as Grab/Food Panda / Deliveroo) reduce by 90%!

We used to spend $400-$500 monthly just on buying food. Now that amount has reduced significantly, thanks to the easy cooking we could do at home!

Bonding with the children

The notion has changed from "Mummy, can you buy for me...?" to "Mummy, can you cook for me....?"

We also spend lots of time together baking, taking videos and of cos, EATING (healthier)!

Here are some of the food we've done!


Beef Burger with Caramelised Onions in Brioche Buns


Mango Sticky Rice


Pumpkin Loaf


Sambal Sotong

How much does a thermomix cost?

The Thermomix TM6 costs $2550. What's Included with Every Thermomix purchased: • TM6 machine • Varoma steaming attachement (tray and bowl) • measuring cup • simmering (rice) basket • lid splash guard • butterfly whisk • spatula • The Basic Cookbook • 24 month warranty • free 6 month subscription to Cookidoo FREE Cookbook with FULL PAYMENT. Below are the installment plans available.

Interest Free credit card installment plans

OCBC, UOB, Standard Chartered, ATOME, POSB*, DBS* Installments can be broken down to: 6 months ~ $425 per mth 12 months ~ $212 per mth 24 months* ~ $106 per mth + $50 surcharge **24 months installment plans can only be made at the Thermomix Office. Choose Payment type: Pay at Office


Installments can be broken down to 3 months ~ $850 per mth


Cookidoo subscription

Upon purchase of a Thermomix, you will receive a 6 months of FREE Cookidoo subscription.



I offer a Free Non-Obligatory Demo for you! We can do it over at your place, a virtual session or over at my place, where you can ask in more details about the possibility Thermomix could do for you! All ingredients will be provided for. 😊 If you are ready to get one, you can click on the link below. From the link, you can choose your payment mode and collection/delivery mode. Ensure the following details: Advisor Name: Nurul Adawiyah Advisor ID: 2512 Once your Thermomix is at your place, let's UNBOX the Thermomix together! It can be done both in-house or virtually. Ingredients will all be provided by me. I will guide you as you cook your first few meals and on standby always for any queries that you may have!

Click here to get yours today!